My holiday vacations

Vacations are the best time to relax and enjoy during school days. I remember in those days when I was a child, I always waited for my summer vacations every year. When the summer season started, all the children of my age wanted to go for a vacation. I used to get excited when a holiday trip plan with a friends and relatives was discussed. I fondly remember when I had gone for a trip with my family and relatives. We decided to go to Nainital in summer vacations. I remember how excited I was for the Nainital trip with my friends and cousins.
On that memorable day, I was the first one to wake up and get ready for trip so that we could start moving as soon as possible. Every minute seemed to be precious. My mother prepared some delicious breakfast and tasty snacks for the journey. We reached Railway station by a rickshaw.. After we reached the station, we had to wait for the train. All the relatives especially my cousins were excited for the trip. When the train left the station, all of us enjoyed a lot. We sang bollywood songs and shared jokes with each other. The journey by train was an unforgotten one.

When we reached Nainital, all us us were excited to see the beautiful mountains. Nainital is a popular hill station in the state of Uttrakhand. It has a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. We checked-in to a hotel to get some rest. In Nainital, we went to the lake and each one enjoyed the boating experience. We took beautiful photos of the Naini lake with family members while we were boating. After boating, we went to the market. Nainital is famous for woollen clothes so we bought many woollen clothes from the market. After shopping, we had tasty snacks and cold drinks in a restaurant. In the evening, we went to the Mall Road for a stroll. Then we returned to the hotel, took dinner before going to sleep so that we can enjoy more.

Next day, we went to Kausani by private taxi. Kausani is also a hill station and it is located in Bageshwar district. I liked Kasauni very much. Kausani is surrounded by snow-clad mountains. The scenery was very beautiful. It was very pleasant to see the the snow-clad mountains in Kausani. At night, we returned to Nainital.

Next morning, we were ready to leave Nainital. We headed to the Railway station to board the train.

The vacation was over but the beautiful memories of that summer vacation have stayed fresh in my mind till now. Even today, I would love to go on this type of a vacation again.

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