Democracy in India

It is a system in which the government is elected by the people in the general election.Legislature,Executive and Judiciary are the pillars of the democracy. If one of the pillar is not working properly then it weakens the strength of the democracy.
India is proud to be a democratic country. Every general election celebrate as s grand event in India. In democracy, more authority given to a common man to choose a candidate from a political party to form the government can work for the people. When the government is not working for the welfare of people then democracy gives the people full rights to criticize the working of the government. If the government is still not working then in next general election, people can choose a different set of candidates or political party to change the government. It is the basic strength of the democracy.
Now-a-days, many political party misuse the freedom of democracy. If the government does not fulfil the expectations of common people then opposition parties ask question about the promises made before election and programs for the welfare of the common people in the Parliament. During the general election some Political party uses tainted background candidates and threat to people to vote for them. These tainted candidates may use violence to force people and at times, they may try to lure people by distributing wine to the voters just before the elections.
Every political party wants to win the election at any cost whether it is the ruling party or the opposition party. They often try to divide the people into caste, region, religion, or language and try to instigate riots across the country. In this situation many political party take advantage and try to polarize the voters for winning the election.

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